What are Digital Clusters

The project moves from the analysis of data from digital illiteracies and cognitive biases, deepening the specific criticalities of the phenomenon of “conversational decay”, made pervasive by the diffusion of social networks – specifically the issues of the so-called fake news, fanaticism and online hate speech.

In this context, due to the algorithms’ filtering action, the user – as a protagonist of the network and its contents – risks to be confined in large online structures, closed in echo chambers where’re only converging and polarized ideas. Deepening the theme of personal and collective narration, and how this is augmented and expanded in the social media, the work explores a new digital aggregation object: a digital cluster. These aggregations overcome and widen the phenomenon of the “Filter bubbles” described by Eli Pariser in 2011, and outline a digital context in which different subjects select contents to reinforce the choices and the common narratives. In these aggregations, there are also other elements, from the topology of the network to the presence of other distortions, which bring the phenomenon towards a wider scale magnitude, which is examined in rate and implications.


About the author

Luciano Giustini, teaching at University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and Pontifical Athenæum Regina Apostolorum, is a Computer science engineer, postgraduated in Information and Communication science. Use Contact page or Didactic Web page to write him.


Italian site: clusterdigitali.it




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